Optical sensors

Optical sensors

di-soric has an extensive portfolio of optical sensors in various models, light sources and functional principles for process-reliable detection, measurement and testing of even the smallest parts under challenging ambient conditions.

Light barriers and diffuse sensors

di-soric light barriers and diffuse sensors are suited for quick, secure object detection with the highest functional safety. Various designs and functional principles, sensors, reflection or through-beam sensors are available.

Plastic fiber-optic sensors

Our plastic fiber optic sensors are used wherever small objects must be detected and mounting space is limited. Through a range of modular fiber optics and accessories, they can be adapted to the respective application.

Optical distance sensors

The optical distance sensors measure distances quickly and precisely with a red light laser. Thanks to their metallic housing they are very robust, and they offer a wide bandwidth of measuring ranges and ranges of up to 10 m, and resolutions into the micrometer range.

Fork light barriers

Fork light barriers are delivered ready to install and do not have to be adjusted afterward. They are used wherever small objects or object positions must be detected quickly, precisely and with any type of surface.

Angled light barriers

Angled light barriers are used for quick object detection with any kind of surface and within a small installation space. The transmitter, receiver, and electronics are located in one housing and enable fast assembly and adjustment.

Frame light barriers

Our frame light barriers detect mostly small objects. They are used wherever metallic or non-metallic objects are to be detected not only periodically, but across a range, quickly and independent of surface.

Glass fiber-optic sensors

Challenging applications with little installation space are the area of application of the fiber optic sensors from di-soric. The robust sensors with a large range work very reliably even in case of oil, high mechanical stress and at high temperatures.

High performance light barriers

Our high performance light sensors are available as threaded and rectangular models, and can be combined with one another. They penetrate heavy contamination, e.g. dust, oil and dirty water, with the highest degree of functional safety, with a range of up to 50 m.

Light curtains

Light curtains detect and measure objects in a large detection or measuring field. They operate on the principle of multiple through-beam sensors whose output signals are either interlinked (switching light curtains) or evaluated individually (measuring light curtains).

Optical label sensors

Optical label sensors detect both thin and thick paper labels with outstanding speed and precision thanks to their large fork openings.

Color sensors

Our color sensors for quality testing detect colors and compare them to 100 saved reference color values. Through their perceptive working function, small differences can be detected.

Contrast sensors

Contrast sensors can detect and compare precise contrasts. The devices are used for reliable, position-precise detection of printed marks using color and grayscale contrasts on carrier materials such as labels, cartons or tubes.

Optical motion sensors

Our optical motion sensors are the perfect solution for detecting feed and rotation movements of a wide range of materials. They detect movement or standstill on metallic, non-metallic and shiny surfaces and, with their ability to control feed without contact, Even at low speed and with wires, versatile.

Profile sensors

Profile sensors compare the profile of the checked object with a taught target profile using the light section technology. Because they detect even the smallest differences, they are perfectly suited for quality inspections.

Line laser fork light barrier

Our line laser fork light barrier works with a fine laser light band that ensures high resolution across the entire detection range. The measured data is transmitted via the analog output for further evaluation.