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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about starting work at di-soric. 

Do you have specific questions about your application?

For questions about your application or open positions at di-soric, please call us at +49 07181 98 79-720 or send an e-mail to karriere@di-soric.com.


Please send your application in PDF format (as one file) with your cover letter, resume and your references/certificates for your work experience and formal education.

Send the PDF to: karriere@di-soric.com.

Your application should give us a first impression of your educational and professional history as well as your personality, along with why you are currently seeking a professional change and what you would expect from a position at di-soric.

You can also tell us about your desired salary as well as possible starting dates and/or your current period of notice.

After we receive your application, you will receive a receipt confirmation via e-mail. We want to dedicate enough time to every applicant so that we can form a mutually profitable relationship for both sides. Therefore, it will take considerable time for our HR and specialist department to sort through your documentation.

Usually, you will receive feedback within about 3 weeks from your receipt confirmation.

Please send your questions to karriere@di-soric.com or simply call +49 7181 98 79-720.

Please send any questions about the status of your application to karriere@di-soric.com or simply call +49 7181 98 79-720.

A list of benefits can be found on the Working at di-soric page

VakanteOur homepage lists vacant positions for holiday jobs for those over 18 years of age:

Open positions

Our current average age is 44.

As an international company, a good knowledge of English would be very important to us.

We handle all data according to the Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act.

On data protection

The positions listed online are still actually vacant because we are constantly updating the list of open positions on our homepage. For positions listed on StepStone, please note that these positions have a time duration and a position may be filled before this period runs out.

That's why taking a look at our homepage is always a good idea.