Sensor accessories

di-soric offers an extensive selection of accessories for its sensors. The selection is suited perfectly to the various products.

Connection technology

In the area of connection technology, a wide variety of electrical contacts for custom industrial-suited assembly are available.

Logic modules / Function adapters / Counter modules

Logic modules link sensors with one another and output the desired behavior. Function adapters can change sensor-specific functions to the desired function (e.g. pulse stretching). Counter modules count the output signals of the different sensors.

Reflectors – Reflective foils

di-soric reflectors are optionally designed for laser, red light and infrared light sensors. Different models with different fastening options and high-temperature-proof designs round out the product range.


IO-Link is standardized according to IEC 61131-9 and is used to communicated with sensors and actuators. IOL Master and IOL Portable enable the display of measured values as well as the diagnoses and the configuration of IO-Link-capable sensors without additional control.

Sensor testers

The sensor tester is used to test the proper functioning of pnp and npn sensors. The output signal is output both optically and acoustically. Quick connect sockets and an internal battery power supply ensure quick, flexible use.

Accessories for color sensors

Accessories for fiber optics