Optical distance sensors

The optical distance sensors measure distances quickly and precisely with red light laser. Thanks to the metallic housing, all sensors are very robust. They offer a wide bandwidth of measuring ranges and ranges of up to 10 m, and resolutions into the micrometer range.

LAT-45 Long range

The LAT-45 features a long range of up to 10 m. The sensor is equally well suited for measuring and switching applications. The LAT-45 is operated alternatively via keypad or IO-Link, its easily legible display is used to display measured values. A good color and surface independence makes distance measurement possible on many surfaces.

LAT-52 Compact

The LAT-52 Compact with IO-Link is suited for distances up to 500 mm, is used in applications in the mm and sub-mm range and is available for three different measuring ranges. The small laser light spot enables the detection of small changes in distance.

LVHT-52 Compact

The LVHT-52 is suited for applications that are meant to have a high degree of precision in switching but not measuring. With a detection range of 50 to 500 mm and a precisely adjustable window mode, it is a very efficient solution.

LAT-61 Precise

Highly precise, fast distance measurements are the area of application of the LAT-61. Its small and precise laser spot makes determination of distances into the micrometer range possible.