Angled light barriers

Angled light barriers

Angled light barriers from di-soric work according to the through-beam principle. They are used, preferably in tight spaces, for fast, surface-independent detection of objects. Since transmitter, receiver and the electronics are located in one housing, they can be mounted quickly. Costly brackets and time-consuming adjustments can be avoided.


The OGL series with a high resolution and reproducibility at an outstanding speed is operated using a potentiometer or IO-Link. Four preset operation modes provide ideal adaptation to the application. At the same time, IO-Link offers important advantages in configuration and diagnosis.

OGLP Dirt-resistant

The high-performance angled light barriers from di-soric have an increased functional reserve. In the devices with a contamination indicator, the cleaning cycles are reduced to a minimum.

OGLL Laser

The OGLL series is particularly suited for detecting small parts down to 0.05 mm. The collimated laser red light ensures a high degree of precision of the switching point over the entire fork width. The easily visible laser spot makes quick adjustment possible.