Our extensive selection of accessories is the smart way to supplement and optimize the connection, assembly and function of our sensors, image processing solutions, identification systems and illumination products.

Connection technology

di-soric offers a large connection technology catalog for transmitting signals, data and power securely. This includes connection cables, adapter plugs, and attachable plug connectors. In the area of connection technology, a wide variety of cable types, cable lengths, pin assignments and plug connectors are available for industrial installations.

Signal preparation

di-soric logic distributors can logically connect several sensors together and output the desired behavior accordingly, for example an AND/OR function. Function adapters can change sensor-specific functions to the desired function (e.g. pulse stretching).

Universal fastening technology

di-soric offers various tailored and flexible-to-use clamping joint and ball joint brackets for all sensors, image processing and identification systems as well as lighting.

Test & parameterization devices

The sensor tester is used to test the proper functioning of pnp and npn sensors. The output signal is output both optically and acoustically. Quick connect sockets and the internal battery power supply ensure quick, flexible use.

Sensor accessories

The wide portfolio of accessories from di-soric offers the optimal solution for embedding and commissioning common sensors into machines and systems.

Accessories for image processing & identification

For our products in the area of industrial image processing, we offer a comprehensive catalog of brackets for our lighting, filters or distance rings for our lenses, up to and including cables.

Machine lighting & signal lighting accessories

di-soric offers optimal accessories, such as dimmers, assembly accessories, and diffusers for the machine and signal lighting portfolio.