Light curtains

Light curtains

Our light curtains detect and measure objects in a large detection or measuring field. The light curtain systems operate on the principle of multiple through-beam sensors whose output signals are either interlinked (switching light curtains) or evaluated individually (measuring light curtains). Through different resolutions and elevations, they can be used in many applications.

LA Switching

The area of application of the LA switching light curtains is object detection. The devices were designed in a cost-optimized manner for simple applications. Slim construction, integrated switching outputs and quick commissioning are their distinguishing features.

LI Measuring

LI measuring light curtains are used in object measurement and for challenging measuring and detection tasks. The most important features are high resolution and a short response time, as well as their slim construction for simple integration.

LI-A Evaluation electronics for LI series

One or two LI measuring light curtains can be connected to the evaluation units. The evaluation unit is mounted on a standard tophat rail, and the light curtains can thereby be quickly integrated into fieldbus environments.