Application-specific sensors

Application-specific sensors

Industry-specific applications in industrial automation require dedicated solutions.

In its program, di-soric provides a wide-ranging portfolio of innovative, application-specific sensors for special applications to its customers. For instance, for the touchless detection of movements, object detection in hoses, region detection in mid-size detection fields, detection of labels, web edge controls for transparent objects and precise object measurement.

Each sensor is optimized for the requirements in its function and is a unique solution for the user searching for the "right" solution—solution-oriented and immediately ready to use.

Object detection in hoses

The detection of very small metallic objects, such as pins, screws or springs that are transported through hoses at very high speeds, is reliably solved by our hose and ring sensors.

Object detection in defined area

Whenever metallic or non-metallic objects, even very small ones, are to be safely detected quickly and in various positions within a small to mid-sized detection field, our versatile sensors for area monitoring are used.

Label detection

For reliable detection and precise positioning of labels at high speeds, our label sensors are the optimal solution. With 3 operating principles - optical, capacitive and ultrasonic - all common and novel label designs and materials can be reliably processed.

Web edge control

Analog position detection of the web edges of a wide variety of materials, such as transparent film, paper, even if they are printed on or are heavily reflective, is reliably solved by our sensors for web edge control.

Detection of color or contrast differences

Sensors that function similarly to our eyes are best suited for precise detection of colors and differences between colors, such as the color sensors of the FS series. Differences in contrast, e.g. between print marks, are safely detected by our contrast sensors.

Motion detection

Our sensors from the OBS series are the optimal solution for touchless detection of slow-moving and fast-moving objects.

Profile measurement

Measurements easily implemented with great precision: Profiles, edges and diameters are precisely detected by our profile sensors and line laser fork light barriers, and even the smallest differences are safely identified.