ID Readers

ID Readers

For quality assurance and traceability, data must be collected quickly and reliably in most production processes. From flexible handheld reading systems to FixMount ID readers for demanding code reading applications - di-soric offers camera-based code readers for reliable reading of 1D and 2D codes in any production environment.

Fixed-mounted ID Readers

The Fixmount ID readers from di-soric can be operated intuitively and are commissioned within minutes without training. The ID-600 reads all common 1D and 2D codes reliably and quickly, even with changing requirements.

Handheld ID Readers

In most industries, data must be detected quickly, reliably and flexibly. In this context, the ID handheld systems from di-soric are the first choice - from the lightweight hand-reading system to the extremely robust reader made of aluminum. The automatic scanners read and decode 1D and 2D codes in any process environment for an accelerated, stable process.