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Ring and Tube Sensors

Inductive ring and tube sensors are the perfect solution for the detection of metallic parts in automated feeding systems. These sensors are featured by a high resolution and short response time and will be mainly applied for parts detection and stow control.

Inductive ring sensors with dynamic evaluation are featured by an even higher resolution and detect very tiny parts like e.g. springs.The high resolution also stays stable, when the ambient condtions are changing, e. g. metal-containing contamination. di-soric wire break sensors with static function will be used where wires have to be detected in active detection zones.
Ring and Tube Sensors
Ring and Tube Sensors - Photo

Tube sensors

  • Static or dynamic working principle
  • High-resolution and insensitive versions available
  • Compact design
  • High resolution
  • Low weight
  • Metal connector M8 or pig tail with connector M12
  • Slot for quick mounting
di-soric Layout