Inductive proximity sensors

Our inductive proximity sensors are available in Ø 3 mm to M30 models as well as rectangular designs from miniature up to 40 x 40 mm. Fully metallic versions, pressure-resistant sensors up to 500 bar, as well as up to 3x or 4x switching distances supplement our product range, in addition to sensors with an analog output for precise production or testing processes. We are continually making developments to our portfolio to offer our customers real added value in a digitized industrial environment.

INS-100 Standard

Our INS-100 Standard series impresses with its outstanding price-performance ration in many standard industrial applications. These proximity sensors are equipped with a simple switching distance and are available in the standard lengths of Ø 6.5 mm to M30 and rectangular-shaped in 8 x 8 mm.

INS-200 Standard 2-SN

The INS-200 Standard 2-Sn series scores in industrial applications with its twofold switching distance and its excellent price-performance ratio. These proximity sensors are available in the standard lengths of Ø 6.5 mm to M30 and rectangular-shaped in 8 x 8 mm.

INM-100 Miniature

A large selection of efficient miniature sensors, especially for the smallest and narrowest of space, is offered by our INM-100 Miniature series. The sensors are available from Ø 3.0 mm to M5, as well as in rectangular form with 5 x 5 mm.

INM-300 Miniature Extended

Ambitious miniature sensors with enormous power reserve and especially for the smallest and narrowest of spaces, can be found in our INM-300 Miniature Extended series. The sensors are available from Ø 3.0 mm to M5, as well as in rectangular form with 5 x 5 mm. Highly precise detection in applications with extended switching distance and a compact design, stable metal casing, as well as highly flexible PVC and PUR connection cables distinguish our INM-300 Miniature Extended series.

INE Extended

The INE Extended, with single and double switching distances, are available in all sizes up to M30, as well as in normal and short designs. In addition to the common standard connections with plugs or PVC cables, PUR cables and cables with plugs are also available.

INC Advanced

The INC Advanced detects objects in a process-safe manner up to a maximum quadruple switching distance. Switching distances of 8 mm (with M12 flush design) up to 40 mm (with M30 or square design) can be implemented for ambitious applications.

INW Full metal extended

The series INW Full Metal Extended is used in case of increased risk of mechanical contact between metallic parts to be detected. These sensors have single and double switching distances and can be connected with PUR cables or plugs.

INP High-pressure resistant

Our high pressure-resistant sensors with a stainless steel housing in the sizes M12 and M14 withstand a process pressure up to 500 bar. They are optimally suited for reliable position monitoring in hydraulic systems of valve positions under high pressure.

INA Analog

The analog series INA is highly precise and has an analog current and voltage output available. It is suited for measuring the changes in distance of metallic parts in which small changes in distance can reflect the quality of the process.

INH High-temperature resistant

Our high-temperature resistant INH series satisfies high demands in a compact design. The sensors can be used in ambient temperatures from - 25 °C to + 230 °C.

INF Food and beverage

The sensors in the INF series are available in the sizes M12, M18 or M30. Their integral fully metal housing made of V4A stainless steel is completely impervious and very resistant against aggressive chemicals used for cleaning.

INN Namur

The process sensors in the INN Namur series guarantee high-precision measuring and control without intervention into the process. The measured values are available in real-time via a reliable, easily implementable and sustainably supported interface.

INU Universal voltage

The INU All-voltage series can be used for all types of industrial power supply AC/DC, allowing cost and maintenance effort to be significantly reduced. They are available in the standard sizes M12, M18, and M30.

INZ Special applications

Our inductive proximity sensors in the INZ series are suitable for many special applications, such as those in the low temperature range.