Inductive ring sensors

Inductive ring sensors

Our inductive ring and wire breakage sensors detect the smallest metallic parts that are conveyed in supply tubes for further processing. In the case of parts that are fed very quickly, the integrated pulse stretching generates an output signal that can be easily analyzed. All devices from di-soric are reliably protected against overload, short-circuit and polarity reversal.

IRB Standard

The inductive ring sensors in the IRB Standard series in the sizes Ø 10.1 mm to 27 mm detect the smallest metallic parts. They can be put into service quickly and have no adjusting elements. These sensors work according to the static operating principle and exhibit a short response time.

IR Static

The inductive standard ring sensors in the IR series detect the smallest metallic parts with certainty. They are available in Ø 6.1 mm to 151.0 mm models and are well suited for quickly supplied parts.

IRD Dynamic

The IRD dynamic series has a higher resolution than ring sensors with static resolution, so they are particularly suited for detecting very small parts with a low mass. The dynamic operating principle independently compensates for contamination in the supply tube.

IRDB Inductive wire-break sensor

The IRDB series works according to the static working principle and is used for the detection of wire breaks. It has a short response time, can be commissioned quickly and manages without any adjustment elements.