Press release

Mobile IO-Link Handheld

New: IOL Portable from di-soric for operating and configuring IO-Link sensors

With the new IOL Portable from di-soric, operating and service personnel can demonstrate, test and configure IO-Link devices on site and put them into operation within a few minutes. This ready-to-go handheld combines a touchscreen, plug connector, WLAN interface and battery in one compact device. The IOL Portable is suited for devices up to a maximum of 80mA with IODD specification 1.1.

di-soric IOL-Portable

With this versatile handheld tool, users are able to test the function of IO-Link devices via an intuitive app even before a system is completely built. With the IOL Portable, measured values can be read out, configuration and diagnostic settings can be made, and sensors can be put into operation. No prior knowledge, a separate control or additional hardware is necessary.

With the IOL Portable, operating and service personnel have access at all times to the information made available by the sensor manufacturer and can perform settings and adjustments within a few seconds. The device measures 220 x 90 x 62 mm and weighs only 600 grams. It also has a 5.5” display, sits comfortably in the hand, requires no additional space and is immediately ready for operation. The download of IO-Link driver files (IODD) is done automatically by IODDfinder via WLAN or alternately via SD card. No time-consuming search for drivers on the Internet is necessary.

IOL Portable from di-soric supports the IO-Link user roles Observer, Maintenance and Specialist. Predefined favorites allow quick access to specific IO-Link parameters. IO-Link is the first IO technology standardized worldwide according to IEC 61131-9. The digital, bidirectional point-to-point connection ensures efficient communication with sensors and actuators under the bus/control layer.