Safety technology accessories

Tailored accessories for quick installation and commissioning round out the safety technology product range of di-soric. These accessories include connection and mounting technology as well as aids for adjusting and checking safety functions.

Mounting columns and deflection mirrors

Mounting columns for safety light curtains / grids protect these devices and offer a robust fastening option on the floor with an adjustment function. Variants with deflection mirrors make surrounding protection fields with up to four sides possible.

Connection technology

In the area of connection technology, a wide variety of electrical contacts for custom industrial-suited assembly are available.

Safety screens

PSE safety screens made of polycarbonate protect the front screen of the safety light curtains/grids from damage. Thanks to quick and simple mounting with the SFS E fastener set, the safety screen can be replaced without a problem in case of damage.

Laser alignment aid

The laser alignment aid makes it possible to align safety light curtains / grids quickly and easily with the help of a visible red light laser. With this product, safety light curtains / grids which are used across large distances or on several sides using deflection mirrors can be perfectly aligned.

Test rods

The test rod is a cylinder made of aluminum with a matte surface. After installation of the safety light curtains / grids, it is used to check their safety function.