Process-reliable in high levels of dirt
Press release

Process-reliable in high levels of dirt

New OGUP high-performance fork light barriers from di-soric

The LED fork light barriers of the OGUP series from di-soric reliably detect objects even in extremely dirty environments. Simultaneously having a maximum function reserve and high switching precision means they are ideally used for detecting where other forks reach their limits. They can be installed quickly and are easy to operate. Thanks to their integrated IO-Link interface, they open up numerous advantageous configuration and diagnostic options.

The rugged, high-performance infrared light barriers of the OGUP series (protection class IP 67) are mechanically and electrically compatible with standard fork light barriers. Available with fork openings of 20, 30, 50 or 80 mm, the OGUP series ensures precise object detection regardless of the surface, even in dirty and oily production environments. With reproducibility of 0.03 mm, the fork light barriers offer a high degree of precision paired with process reliability. Cleaning cycles are reduced to a minimum, thanks to the use of high-output LEDs. Ideal fields of use are mechanical engineering applications involving large amounts of dust, coolant, or oil.

The dual operating concept makes for fast start-up and the simplest way to configure using either a potentiometer or an IO-Link. The innovative IO-Link interface enables easy implementation of a variety of control options, teach processes, configuration concepts and predictive diagnostics concepts such as signaling that the amount of dirt is increasing. Four selectable sensor modes (Standard, High Resolution, Power, Speed) support the flexible use of OGUP. Required program changes and "batch size of 1" production requirements can be quickly implemented with IO-Link; application-specific configurations are stored centrally and loaded into the forks as needed.