Press release

Precise measurement, ultra-precise switching

New, high-resolution laser distance sensors and diffuse sensors with IO-Link

LAT-52 laser distance sensors measure the smallest changes in distance in the sub-millimeter range quickly and with the highest degree of precision. They are available in three different measuring ranges and are suited for precise proximity measurements in the range between 30 and 500 mm. With their dual operating concept (operation via IO-Link or by keyboard) and the eye-safe laser class 1, these measuring sensors can be easily set and used universally. Three preset sensor modes and selectable filters allow quick commissioning and offer optimal measuring results. If highly precise switching is of primary importance, the LVHT-52 variant is used.

Whether the robot must adapt its speed when gripping an object, or whether the offset depth is to be determined with a high degree of precision during an assembly process: Quick and precise measurement with a frequency of up to 1,200 Hz and a resolution from 0.01 mm characterize these versatile and flexible laser distance sensors from di-soric. They are available for a large number of measuring and testing tasks with three measuring ranges in the variants “High resolution” (30 to 80 mm), “Short-distance” (50 to 200 mm), and “Universal” (50 to 500 mm). 

These sensors are equipped with metallic plugs in a robust metal housing (IP67). They can be easily set via IO-Link or on the sensor by way of large keys and LEDs and are immediately ready for use. By way of the IO-Link interface, measured values can be transferred digitally and without loss, diagnostic functions can be comfortably performed, identification and localization functions can be realized, mean and median filters can be set or relative measurements can be performed. Moreover, with IO-Link, specific settings can also be configured, and in IO-Link, masters can be saved and loaded as needed. That makes device replacement, for example, especially simple. With three preset ready-to-run sensor modes “Standard,” “Power” and “Speed”, the user can start common measuring tasks virtually on the fly. 

If highly precise switching is required, and not measurement, the new LVHT-52 is the appropriate alternative because it has a detection range from 50 to 500 mm, a precisely adjustable window mode and a small blind range. Identical in design to the LAT-52, this laser diffuse sensor is designed for the process-safe detection of small changes in proximity. For example, the flexibly deployable LVHT-52 can detect the presence of a component (in the image an O-ring) via the precisely taught switching point. The LVHT-52 is also equipped with a keypad, and the benefits achievable with IO-Link with respect to robustness apply correspondingly for this sensor. 

The focus areas for use of both sensor types are anywhere precise measurement and highly precise switching are indispensable for process reliability and product quality: for example in assembly, handling, packaging and medical technology, as well as in electronics, robotics and laboratory automation.