Press release

Labeling with the highest precision

di-soric's IO-Link ultrasonic label sensors: Easy installation, consistent diagnostics, centrally stored parameter prescriptions

The new UGUTI 6/70 ultrasonic label sensor from di-soric detects and positions a wide range of various labels with maximum precision and reproducibility. It is particularly suitable for transparent, thin and metallized labels. The fork width of 6 millimeters offers sufficient free space for booklets. It features one-of-a-kind equipment thanks to the versatile IO-Link communication technology: Easy installation, comprehensive diagnostics and centrally stored parameter recipes increase productivity and lay the foundation for innovative Industry 4.0 system concepts.

The compact label sensor in a full potting metal housing is preferably used where transparent, very thin or metallized and paper labels are winded from the roll. Optical and capacitive sensors meet their limits here. This slender device, attached close to the dispenser, detects label edges quickly and reliably with a response time of 0.25 milliseconds. As one of the fastest ultrasonic label sensors, it allows belt speeds of up to 250 meters per minute. 

The operation and teach-in processes are simple: Using auto-teach, the sensor finds the corresponding threshold value within a few seconds. Configuration using a static one-point teach to the label takes only a little longer. As an alternative, a teach-in from the master or control level is also possible. The custom fine-tuning takes place using two buttons on the device. 

The outstanding performance of the UGUTI 6/70 ultrasonic label sensor from di-soric is all thanks to the universal and bi-directional IO-Link communication interface. It is the first IO-Link ultrasonic label sensor in the world to offer brand new additional benefits for system manufacturers, users and retrofitters. The integration of IO-Link makes it easy to implement complete diagnostics solutions all the way to the process level as well as centrally stored and reproducible configuration solutions. IO-Link means application-specific configuration instead of specific hardware concepts. 

IO-Link establishes a communications channel between the control system and the process level that is high-performance and easily manageable. Standardized cables, M12 plug connectors without any special cables and plug-in cards make the installation easy and shorten commissioning times. The typical IO-Link standardization thus also lowers storage costs. 

The diagnostics and configuration advantages are outstanding: In addition to the teach input, the intelligent ultrasonic label sensor has two independent outputs that enable parallel operation as a switching output and IO-Link communication. IO-Link allows for comprehensive diagnostics of the process stability while the system is running. The sensor continually exchanges performance data and signal values with the control system level. It provides status information via self-diagnostics. This includes information about function reserves or pending service intervals, for instance. 

The new IO-Link ultrasonic label sensor can be configured centrally from the control system level or via secure remote access. Switching behavior, threshold values or other parameters can be configured as needed. Remote diagnostics and maintenance of the sensors can be carried out conveniently. Recipes stored in the IO-Link master or on the control system level can be used to talk to entire sensor groups. 

Changing to a new product is quick and easy to accomplish. The IO-Link sensors equipped with their own processing power configure themselves after a device change within a few seconds, meaning that device changes can be carried out without advanced technical knowledge. 

IO-Link makes the process level fully available for the control system. Sensors and actuators with an immense range of functions and capabilities become intelligent and active process devices in the field. This makes processes more transparent, more efficient and lowers final costs. Entirely in the spirit of Industry 4.0 system concepts.