Machine lighting

Machine lighting

The robust, industrial-suited lights make the illumination of machines possible in the highest light quality and are distinguished by their compact design and load-free triggers that meet the strictest requirements. A large selection of overall lengths are available for individual machines.

MB-R Machine lighting semicircular

This robust, semicircle machine lighting is ideal for use in machines or in rough production environments due to its expanded temperature range, modern plug connection technology and hardened safety glass. The neutral white light ensures pleasant lighting conditions.

MB-N Machine lighting flat

The MB-N machine lighting has a compact design and feature load-free triggers. They offer the highest light quality in white, which meets the strictest requirements.

MB-NP Protected

The MB-NP Protected machine lighting impress with their highest degree of robustness in the face of rough ambient conditions. They not only withstand chemically aggressive cutting and boring liquids, but also hot metal filings.

MB-RGBW with status indicator

This machine lighting offers the highest quality in white and RGB and satisfy the strictest requirements. An individual color parameterization by means of IO-Link, as well as the compact design and load-free triggers are only some of the advantages.