di-soric offers a comprehensive range of standard and special sensors for industrial automation. Choose between different functional principles, models, switching sensors and measuring sensors for efficient and trouble-free system operation.

Inductive sensors

Our inductive sensors are proven in the contactless and secure detection of metallic objects of the most various kinds. They are maintenance-free, very robust, extremely long-lasting and fulfill all tasks with the highest technical requirements.

Optical sensors

The extensive di-soric portfolio of optical sensors in various models, light sources and functional principles enables process-reliable detection, measurement and testing of even the smallest parts under challenging ambient conditions.

Ultrasonic sensors

Ultrasonic sensors are also used for measuring distances and web edge control even at large ranges. They enable a secure detection of even transparent, liquid and powdery objects, independent of color or surface.

Capacitive sensors

Proximity switches for contact-free detection of liquid, powdery and solid objects and bulk materials. Reliable detection of metallic and non-metallic parts even in the presence of disruptive impacts such as light and dirt.

Magnetic field sensors

Magnetic field sensors are designed for pneumatic cylinders with integrated magnets. The piston position is detected through the cylinder wall.