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Mounting systems safety technology

The mounting systems of the safety technology are made for an adjustable and safe mounting of the different saftey light curtains and -grids. They enable an induvidual solution and an optimal adaption to your application.
Adjustable brackets allow the rotation of the light curtain / -grid around its longitudinal axis, as well as the adjustment of its vertical and horizontal position. Their use is recommended to align those light curtains / -grids which are used in applications having a long range or using deflection mirrors.

Unprotected light curtains / grids might resent the vibrations produced by e.g. presses, weaving machines, automatic punching machines etc. and serious technical damage can result. In these cases, the use of vibration-absorbing mounting facilities is highly recommended! Vibration dampers have been designed to reduce such machine generated vibrations in an easy way, avoiding mechanical damage to the light curtain / -grid.

Support columns for safety light curtains /-grids are designed to provide secure fastening on the floor, fast installation, and a simple and precise adjustment of the optical alignment of the system.


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  • Different versions and various designs
  • Sturdy and compact construction
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