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Safety Controller

The modular safety system MODSI can be used – also in combination – to monitor all common safety systems, like safety light curtains/-light grids, mechanical switches, mats, emergency switches and manual gear shifts. Therefore the number of necessary evaluation units will be reduced as well as the space required.

Using extension modules the modular safety system can be individually adapted matching the relevant safety requirement. No time-consuming cabeling between the single modules is necessary thanks to the integrated Bus-system. The PC-connection with the configuration software installed will by be made via USB 2.0 interface.

Safety Controller
Safety Controller - Photo

  • Max. 14 expansion units in addition to the M1 Master
  • Max. 128 inputs and 16 OSSD safety outputs (pairs)
  • Remote maintenance / -control of the MS expansion modules via the MS-SC Bus
    possible (range up to 100 m)
  • Digital safety inputs, programmable individually or in pairs, with the possibility
    of monitoring via dedicated output signals
  • Possibility of programming fi lters and delays for each single input
  • Possibility of programming output activation and de-activation delays
  • Possibility of independent control of pairs of outputs
  • Possibility of programming diagnostic output signals
  • Simple diagnostics via front led signalling and confi guration software MS-SD

system requirements

  • RAM-memory: 256 MB
    (sufficient to operate from Windows XP SP3
    + Framework 3.5; 32bit only)
  • Hard disk: Free disk space > 100Mbyte
  • USB-Connection : 1.1 or 2.0
  • CD-ROM-drive
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