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Logic Distributors / Multifunctional Adapters

Consistent to the sensor programme di-soric offers logic distributors and multifunctional convertors for nearly all requirements. Logic distributors can be logically linked with each other to get the desired function e. g. AND/OR function. 

Multifunctional convertors can change sensor-specific functions to the function desired e. g. pulse stretching. Logic distributors and multifunctional convertors are suited for all common sensors, have a compact design and can be changed safely and quickly.


Logic Distributors / Multifunctional Adapters

Data sheets

Logic Distributors / Multifunctional Adapters - Photo

Logic distributor

  • Suitable for all kinds of standard sensors
  • Integrated switching function AND/OR
  • Simple and fast implementation of other functions
  • High temperature resistance
  • Compact design
  • High protection class
  • Status display
  • Robust casing
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