Press release

Precision in stainless steel

New, high-resolution V4A OGUL laser fork light barriers with IO-Link

di-soric offers the most comprehensive assortment of extremely robust laser fork light barriers in a stainless steel design, with fork widths of 30, 50, 80 and 120 mm. The new, high-performance laser sensors in the OGUL series detect objects from a size of 0.03 mm at the highest speed and in the best possible resolution. The IO-Link digital interface stands for simple operation, high performance and a large number of time- and cost-saving parametrization and diagnostic options.

These laser fork light barriers made of stainless steel are compact and have the same dimensions as fork light barriers in the OGU series. The sensors offer the highest functional reserves and the maximum of process safety. They are meant, in particular, for machine and plant manufacturers in the areas of pharma and cosmetics, as well as in medical, packaging and supply technology. 

The clearly visible light beam from the non-hazardous laser class 1 enables the smallest details to be detected without the need to make complex adjustments. These practically indestructible fork light barriers are put in corrosion-resistant V4A stainless steel housings, which have good resistance to cleaning agents. Even under uncommon ambient conditions, the fork light barriers detect thin wires, drills, cannulae, or determine the position of fine grooves with a precision (reproducible) of 0.01 mm. The sensors perform their task reliably in a temperature range between minus 25 °C and plus 60 °C. 

With the proven dual operating concept from di-soric, adjustment and operation are fast and simple: As an alternative, the fork light barriers can be configured over IO-Link or manually adjusted using a potentiometer. Qualitative and quantitative diagnostic requirements, such as the monitoring of current process values, evaluating process stability or assessing teach-in quality, can be run easily and transparently using the IO-Link digital interface. 

The fork light barriers in the OGUL series have been outfitted with a push/pull output. PNP and NPN functions have been combined into one device. The stainless steel housings are mechanically and electrically compatible with the standard fork light barriers with a LED light (red light).