货号: 212726

The muting arms MA .../MZ can be directly mounted on and connected to the safety light grids/curtains SLM4. Multiple muting functions can be implemented thanks to simple hardwire wiring. Even perforated objects, such as pallets, can be detected with MZ multibeam light barriers.
  • 通过 SLM4 上的硬件布线轻松实现 Muting 功能
  • 用于 SLM4 的预布线 Muting 臂,便于快速调试
  • 可集成、高度可调的 Muting 臂,在 SLM4 的固定槽中
  • 简单的插接件,将 Muting 传感器直接连接到 SLM4 安全光栅上
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