Press release

Multifunctional dome-shaped signal light

New 360° IO-Link signal light from di-soric for diverse display applications

With the dome-shaped SBP-RGB signal light, di-soric is making a new generation of all-around status indicators that are visible to users from far away. The compact signal, which can be used in the most confined of spaces, is used among other things in classic industries, in laboratory automation, and at assembly worksites. Via the IO-Link process data, colors and lighting behavior can be adjusted freely, simply, and even during operation. Alternatively, the operators of the signal light can choose from eight predefined or user-defined presets via three digital trigger inputs. In any case, this robust signal light is available quickly and right out-of-the-box. 

di-soric SBP-RGB

Multi-functional signal lights such as the SBP-RGB signal light from di-soric unite an extensive display spectrum in one device. Linked to systems, individual machines, process, positioning, feed and storage units, every light is able to transmit the most various lighting messages, such as machine and operating states, operating statuses, action, warning or emergency notices. With a diameter of only 50 mm, powerful LEDs make this signal light visible even over large distances. At manual worksites and assembly worksites, the versatile light makes both monotonous and complicated assembly processes error-free with clear light signals.

IO-Link enables quick and simple configuration and commissioning: Operators select the color appropriate for their particular situation and determine the desired brightness and the lighting behavior (continuous, blinking or flashing light). They customized their visual messages, with the goal of triggering the desired reactions from the operating and monitoring personnel.

The chosen adjustments can be made during operation via IO-Link process data and checked for functionality, visibility and effectiveness. To promote their image, companies can assign their signal lights a uniform “corporate color” in standby or off mode. In every case, the energy-saving signal lights can be configured and ready to start in a very short time.

Due to the IP67 protection class, the new SBP-RGB signal lights from di-soric are dust-tight and watertight, and also resistant to shock and vibrations.