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Optical distance sensors with a laser from di-soric: for measuring and switching tasks with distances up to ten meters

The new distance sensors in the LAT-45 series determine positions and distances with a range from 200 to 10,000 mm. With a high immunity to ambient light, these all-purpose sensors detect differently structured objects with bright and dark surfaces with high process reliability The dual operating concept with IO-Link or an operating panel on the sensor guarantees quick commissioning, simple operation and efficient diagnostic solutions.

With a laser light spot that is easily visible on the target object, the devices in the LAT-45 series stand for simple alignment and high functional safety. They are used in broad areas of assembly, handling and packaging technology, robotics, rubber and plastics, as well as mobile equipment. Independent of color and composition of the respective object surface or brightness at the process location, these distance sensors provide reliable measurement results and a resolution in the micrometer range.

Devices in the LAT-45 series measure and control, for example, the sag of a label tape over the dancer roll in a printing machine. Or they check the presence of four ignition plugs in a tilted position at a large distance during the final assembly of an engine block in a robot cell. Using a laser light spot, distances to small objects can be measured at large distances. The measured value check takes place directly via the display.

LAT-45 sensors have measuring functions and an IO-Link interface available. Operation and commissioning are performed either by keyboard or directly on the sensor. Distances are displayed in millimeters on a display, and six display LEDs show the status of the sensor in a clear manner. The switchable analog output (current or voltage) and the switching output can be adjusted in a scale of millimeters.

The IO-Link interface offers ideal prerequisites for integrated plant concepts: The bidirectional communication standard stands for quick commissioning and time-saving parameterization via stored smart sensor profiles. Device replacement can be done quickly and easily without expert knowledge thanks to IO-Link 1.1 with data maintenance in the master. IO-Link also offers various possibilities for the integration of intelligent diagnostic solutions.

Installed in a robust die cast zinc housing (45 x 42 x 52 mm) in accordance with protection class IP67 and a high functional safety and ambient light immunity, the sensors in the LAT-45 series guarantee undisturbed operation.