Press release

di-soric acquires Swiss ultrasonic specialist

By purchasing SNT Sensortechnik AG, di-soric GmbH & Co. KG is strengthening its technological competence in the field of ultrasonic sensors. Acquiring this new subsidiary means that the sensor specialist based in Urbach, Germany, is establishing direct sales in Switzerland.

Stefan Eisemann, Geschäftsführer der di-soric GmbH & Co. KG und Rolf Kuratle, bisheriger Inhaber und weiterhin Geschäftsführer der SNT AG


The family-owned company di-soric is on an expansion path, closing the year 2017 with double-digit growth—the most successful fiscal year ever. "We would like to continue these positive developments in the future, both with the existing companies and with company acquisitions. The acquisition of SNT Sensortechnik AG is very positive for us and our customers in several respects. For one, we are increasing our technological competence and portfolio depth in the division of ultrasonic sensors, and for another, we are now able to provide improved support to our Swiss customers with direct sales and distribution. We have had a successful and close partnership with SNT over the last 10 years, which made the current merger all the more advantageous," says Stefan Eisemann, Managing Director of di-soric GmbH & Co. KG.

di-soric is buying 100 percent of SNT Sensortechnik AG, headquartered in Bülach (Zurich). The company has been specializing in ultrasonic sensors for 28 years. In direct connection to the acquisition, the "di-soric" brand is finding its way into the new company name: di-soric SNT AG. The Bülach headquarters will remain unchanged, and from there, sales activities will be gradually strengthened. Rolf Kuratle, the previous proprietor and manager, will also continue to lead as manager of the new company.