Displaying the machine status for a labeler

In labeling systems, all kinds of products are labeled. The current machine status is usually displayed using a signal light system. Due to the system's complexity, a signal lamp cannot always be assigned with absolute certainty. Label rolls running empty frequently presents a particular problem to system operators, because the absence of a product marking is a major defect. Direct detection of the system's status is advantageous during the process flow, because this minimizes downtime and clearly displays faults.
The solution is a new concept for displaying the machine status. A significant improvement is made by replacing or complementing the signal lamp system with signal lighting and thereby displaying the machine status directly at the affected position. As a result, faults are seen more quickly and clearly in the complex system and can be classified better. Not only is it easier to understand a display using red/green/yellow, but it is also easier to troubleshoot by switching to white light.

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