Ultrasonic barriers/sensors

The US ultrasonic barriers and sensors reliably detect transparent, light and dark objects, as well as reflective objects. They are ideally suited for use in dusty and dirty environments. Sensors with IO-Link are available.

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The US-M8 is the smallest ultrasonic sensor and can be integrated into machines very easily. At short ranges, even where installation space is limited, the US-M8 offers maximum flexibility, and is perfect for modernizing systems.


The US-M12 is the compact ultrasonic sensor in the M12 housing. Via IO-Link, it can be operated in a switching or measuring manner. The sensitivity can also be set via teach-in, so the sensor is thus operational within a few seconds.


The US-Q12 is the compact, cubic design with low installation depth. Via IO-Link, the sensor can be operated in a switching or measuring manner at short distances. The adjustment of sensitivity is handled using teach-in, potentiometer, or IO-Link.


The US-M18 in short design is operated in a switching or measuring manner at medium ranges. Teach-in is performed via three modes and other settings. IO-Link offers constant monitoring of the device functions and parameters.


The US-M30 is suited for large ranges up to 6,000 mm. It is distinguished by its compact, short design. The sensor can be operated to measure and switch. The US M30 is quickly operational thanks to simple teach-in and IO-Link.