O-21 Miniature

O-21 Miniature

The very small and efficient light barriers and sensors in the O-21 miniature series with IO-Link can be easily integrated. The retroreflective sensors with background suppression are suited for detecting small and flat objects. The retroreflective sensors feature a high functional reserve.

Diffuse reflective sensors

Energetic retroreflective diffuse sensors are economic sensors with a transmitter and receiver in one housing. The working distance and the brightness of the object and background influence object detection, wherein bright objects can be recognized well against dark backgrounds.

Background suppression sensors

Retroreflective diffuse sensors with background suppression provide reliable detection results with varying objects. They evaluate the position of objects, the objects located behind the set switching position are suppressed.

Retro reflective sensors

The transmitter and receiver are in one housing. The emitted light is reflected back by a reflector and evaluated in the retroreflective sensor. Polarization filters also allow the detection of reflecting objects. Retroreflective sensors make long ranges possible, with simple assembly and a high degree of system availability.

Through-beam sensors

Through-beam sensors make long ranges possible, with the highest degree of functional safety. Nontransparent, shiny and reflective objects can be reliably recognized. Cleaning and maintenance cycles can be reduced to a minimum because of their use.