Cuboid design

The universal, efficient and reliable rectangular form makes simple integration possible. The sum of the properties allows for a maximum range of possible uses.

O-20 Miniature

The very small, efficient light barriers and sensors in the O-20 series can be easily integrated. The devices, which are available as sensors, reflective or through-beam sensors, detect the smallest parts in the entire active zone.

O-21 Miniature

The very small and efficient light barriers and sensors in the O-21 miniature series with IO-Link can be easily integrated. The retroreflective sensors with background suppression are suited for detecting small and flat objects. The retroreflective sensors feature a high functional reserve.

O-30 Universal

The high-performance, compact O-30 series is fast and can be easily integrated. With their short response times and good functional reserves, these products are suited for many applications in packaging technology and assembly and handling technology.

O-40 Standard

The compact O-40 Standard series is suited for medium ranges in a broad field of application. The sensors are reliable and efficient. The universal slotted-hole fastening makes flexible mounting possible.

O-40E Extended

The O-40E Extended series for medium ranges has a robust metallic housing with a metal connector and is used in the detection of standard or small parts. These light barriers detect with LED or with laser variants (laser class 1) that are safe for the eye.

O-50 Metal

The robust, especially high-performance series O-50 Metal works with visible red light LEDs or with an eye-safe laser (laser class 1). The sensors have maximum functional reserve and are used for long ranges.

O-81 Laser

The O-81 Laser series is used for the precise detection of objects using red light lasers. It can be set precisely and is distinguished by a high resolution and functional reserve and can be operated intuitively by means of a potentiometer and NO/NC converters.

O-Q10 Miniature

The O-Q10 Miniature series is the first choice for applications that require compact laser through-beam sensors for small parts detection. These robust devices with a metallic housing and metal plug conform to the safe laser protection class 1.

O-Q5 Sub-Miniature

The O-Q5 series is an extremely compact detector model range. These diffuse sensors impress with their robust metallic construction and high resolution.