Fork light barrier OGU with LED


Article Number: 202428

The OGU series with an LED light source is the standard among fork light barriers. The largest range of fork light barriers on the market includes devices with fork openings from 5 mm to 250 mm. OGU fork light barriers offer high resolution and reproducibility with formidable speed. They are operated intuitively using potentiometers, teach-in or IO-Link. Four preset operation modes provide the option for ideal adaptation to the application. At the same time, IO-Link offers important advantages in configuration and diagnosis.

More information

  • Fast, simple, safe: Sensitivity adjustment via teach key
  • Auto-teach during a running process
  • Remote teach with key-lock function
  • LED indicator for the teach procedure
  • Detection of even the smallest objects
  • Large functional reserve
  • Light/dark switching
  • 5-year warranty
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Product discontinued, subsequent article number: 210244