nVision-i saves time – through a clear user interface that is intuitive and easy to use, and through high-performance tools that are consistently optimised for the highest quality at maximum performance.

The free CS-60 demo licence is required to activate the nVision-i software, which can be downloaded from the download area on the detail page of a CS-60.

After purchasing a CS-60 vision sensor, the device can be expanded with additional functions such as measuring and 1D & 2D code reading via simple licensing.

CS-60 Demo license

The free CS60 demo license activates the nVision-i software, which you can download on the detail pages of the CS-60 vision sensors under Downloads.

CS-60 Upgrade licenses

The upgrade licenses extend a CS-60 vision sensor with additional functions such as measuring and the localisation and detection (reading) of 1D and 2D codes.