Profile sensors

Profile sensors compare the profile of the checked object with a taught target profile using the light section technology.

Thanks to their high colour tolerance and insensitivity to extraneous light, the profile sensors can safely detect the smallest differences, e.g. between almost identical parts, even if the lighting or object colour changes. This makes them ideally suited for quality inspections.


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Series PS-30 2D-Laser profile sensor
Measuring distance 150 ��� 300��mm
Interface IO-Link V1.1, COM3
Connection Connector M12
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Measuring distance
Measured value resolution
Protection type
Series: PS-30 2D-Laser profile sensor
Measuring distance: 150 … 300 mm
Measured value resolution: 0,25 mm (X axis) 0,2 mm (Z axis)
Protection type: IP 65
Connection: Connector M12, 5-pin