ID-200 hammer

The unique housing of the ID-200 made of light, resistant aluminum withstands even the roughest ambient conditions. The ID-200 is a DPM reading device of superlative industrial quality for all kinds of 1D and 2D codes. It makes light work of decoding engraved, stamped or needle-embossed codes, postcodes, and low-contrast, extremely dense, and small bar codes. With its internal illumination options and dual zone lens, the ID-Hammer intelligently selects the right setting for every code. It reads even damaged, blurred, contaminated or dirty codes reliably.

Handheld ID Readers

The ID-200 decodes postal, low-contrast, extremely dense and small 1D/2D codes. Thanks to internal illumination and dual zone optics, it reads damaged, smeared or dirty codes reliably. Its aluminum housing makes it extremely robust.