Handheld ID Readers

In most industries, data must be detected quickly, reliably and flexibly. In this context, the ID handheld systems from di-soric are the first choice - from the lightweight hand-reading system to the extremely robust reader made of aluminum. The automatic scanners read and decode 1D and 2D codes in any process environment for an accelerated, stable process.

ID-10 Compact

The ID-10 is a cabled barcode reader with very compact dimensions and a high level of reading performance. The dual field optics enable the user to quickly scan both wide 1D barcodes and small, dense 2D barcodes. Users can use the ID-10 as a handheld or mounted in a fixed manner and choose for a high degree of efficiency between continuous scanning or moving detection.


The ID-80 is a lightweight and compact code reader which decodes 1D and 2D codes. The easy-to-operate code reader exceeds one-line laser scanners and linear imagers with complete, omnidirectional barcode reading. In combination with its multifaceted programmability, the ID-80 transfers data quickly and reliably into any enterprise solution.

ID-100 Advanced

The ID-100 is an industrial-suited DPM imager which effortlessly reads lasered, imprinted, dotted, low-contrast and postcodes and decodes dense and extremely small bar codes. Equipped with several light fields, it automatically selects the field that is most efficient in reading the respective code type. This leads to quick data detection of surfaces that are difficult to read, even in case of damaged and contaminated codes.

ID-200 Hammer

The ID-200 decodes postal, low-contrast, extremely dense and small 1D/2D codes. Thanks to internal illumination and dual zone optics, it reads damaged, smeared or dirty codes reliably. Its aluminum housing makes it extremely robust.