Accessories industrial image processing

di-soric offers an extensive selection of accessories for industrial image processing. The selection is suited perfectly to the various products.


Our lens filters are available for the most varied applications. Whether polarization filters, bandpass filters, cutoff filters or lens protection glasses - di-soric has the right accessories for nearly all applications in the area of optics for image processing and identification.

Spacer rings

Spacer rings are used between the camera and the lens in order to reduce magnification while reducing the working distance. When working with defined installation spaces, distance rings are essential for attaining the necessary image fields with a given working distance.


The rear converter lens increases magnification without changing the working distance and is simply inserted between the camera and the lens.

Internal lights

The LED board change set is available in the light colors infrared, red, blue and white.


The multifunctional VP operating panel makes it possible to visualize image and evaluation data. The devices feature simple rights administration, on-the-fly job switching, remote access through VNC as well as a multicamera mode.


In the area of connection technology, a wide variety of electrical contacts for custom industrial-suited assembly are available.