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Precise detection of objects in the narrowest of spaces

O-D4/O-M5 series; new cylindrical miniature diffuse reflective sensors from di-soric

Miniature diffuse reflective sensors in a cylindrical and threaded design from the O-D4/O-M5 series detect objects and positions quickly and reliably. These extremely slim and robust sensors with diameters of 4 mm or a M5 thread are especially well suited for use in the narrowest of spaces. These installation-ready diffuse reflective sensors are simply clamped or screwed in and are optionally available with a cable or M8 connection. The switching point and scanning ranges of 10 mm, 20 mm and 50 mm are preset, and there are no adjustment elements on the device.

di-soric O-D4

In the case of automated assembly, handling and robotic solutions as well as laboratory automation, there is only minimal space available for sensors. The compact diffuse reflective sensors from the O-D4/O-M5 series from di-soric were developed for use in applications where space is in limited supply. These robust diffuse reflective sensors in a cylindrical miniature format with a red light LED and an outer diameter of 4 mm and/or M5 thread ensure the safe detection of objects under adverse ambient conditions. They are especially well suited for detection tasks in grippers or in laterally narrow installation situations in compact machines.

The new O-D4/O-M5 series offers improved performance features and greater reliability with mechanical and electrical compatibility than the predecessor series OTV5 and/or OTV4. With an increased switching frequency of 1,000 Hz, these diffuse reflective sensors master dynamic production processes. Either mechanically clamped or screwed in using an M5 thread, the sensors can also be integrated into the rear of machine parts. The sensors are thus well protected against mechanical damage. The bright and easily visible spot of the red light LED light source makes setting and adjustment easy.

With their robust stainless steel housing, the miniature diffuse reflective sensors are also well suited for applications in industries with high hygiene and cleanliness requirements. Diffuse reflective sensors from the O-D4/O-M5 series can be operated in a temperature range from -25 to +65 °C. 

Sensors in the O-D4/O-M5 series can also be ordered immediately via the di-soric webshop:
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