Press release

Maximum performance and minimum size

O-21 Miniature series: new light barriers/diffuse reflective sensors with IO-Link from di-soric

The robust and tiny sensors in the O-21 Miniature series from di-soric are only 28 mm x 8 mm x 14 mm in size. They quickly and securely detect small objects, positions and minimal differences in height practically independent of the surface. These light barriers and diffuse reflective sensors with a red light LED enable the reliable detection of objects with the highest functional reserve. They are preferably used where there is only minimal space available. IO-Link makes setting and monitoring sensor functions easy and creates the conditions for efficient Industry 4.0 designs. 

di-soric Serie O-21 – Einweglichtschranke OS21-OE21

Whether for exact positioning of laboratory vessels at a handover point, for labeling of the smallest containers at precisely the right time and place, or for the safe detection of punched electrical contacts in electrical technology: These very small and high-performance light barriers and diffuse reflective sensors in the O-21 Miniature series are well suited for diverse tasks in identical designs with different functional principles. Their application areas include handling, robotic and automation solutions both in classic industries as well as in medical technology and laboratory automation. They exhibit their strengths especially where space is tight and regular sensors reach their limits.

The O-21 Miniature series with IO-Link is now available immediately in four different variants: 

  • The OH21 background suppression sensor detects even minimal differences in height. 
  • The OR21 retro reflective sensor makes do with the smallest reflectors and is suited for use in extremely narrow installation situations (e.g. in a label dispenser).
  • The OT21 diffuse reflective sensor safely suppresses gaps and holes during object detection with a large light spot.
  • The OS21/OE21 through-beam sensor is incredibly space-saving and can be integrated into a guide rail, for example.

All sensors have easily visible status LED displays and make do without control elements on the device. They are connected via a cable or pigtail. With the easily visible red light LED light spot, setting and adjustment are performed quickly and easily.

IO-Link offers real benefits for equipment manufacturers, fitters and operators alike: This bi-directional communications standard makes sensor identification, configuration and diagnosis simple, and enables continuous monitoring of sensor functions and process sequences. With the OH21 diffuse reflective sensor, setting the scanning range is done with IO-Link in the millimeter grid, and for the OR21, OT21, OE21 variants, it is used to set the sensitivity. 

Sensors in the O-21 Miniature series can also be ordered immediately via the di-soric webshop: overview.