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Customizable light signals

New IO-Link signal lighting from di-soric for a broad range of applications

The new generation of SB-RGB signal lighting from di-soric offers nearly endless options for visualizing the most diverse situations for machines and systems. These flexible lights, available in five different lengths, are visible across large distances and can be used in all industries. Via the IO-Link process data, the operator can assign the desired color to any segment during operation and decide on blinking and flashing options. Alternatively, the flat and robust signal lighting can be operated via three digital trigger inputs with eight predefined or user-defined color configurations (presets). Users reduce errors and downtime and increase machine availability.

di-soric SB-RGB

The innovative SB-RGB signal lighting from di-soric is used in extensive parts of manufacturing, logistics, in filling and packaging systems, as well as in laboratory automation. With powerful LEDs and a large bandwidth of individually configurable light signals, they make machine states, operating states or progress displays visible from a long distance. Simultaneously, they transmit action, warning or emergency notices, which all help to make production and logistics processes interruption-free and efficient.

The second generation of SB-RGB signal lighting from di-soric offers a range of products that extends far beyond that of classic signal lighting. The lighting, available in lengths 125, 250, 480, 700 and 910 mm, can be operated in external trigger, segment and level modes. Beyond classic status indicators, users can visually display countless process-relevant situations such as warning notices, fill levels, the occupation of feed conveyors, counting functions, cycle time and much more.

Via the IO-Link process data, operators assign a color of their choice to every segment and vary their light intensity between 10 and 100 percent. It is just as easy to set the lighting mode, such as continuous, blinking or flashing. Companies can assign their signal lighting a typical background color (corporate color) to define a specific style or image. The range of applications and creativity know hardly any bounds, all selections can be changed quickly and at any time. 

The IP67 protection class ensures functionality even under harsh conditions. Its flat and compact design enables it to be used even in confined spaces.