Press release

Light-intensive signal messenger

New machine and signal lighting from di-soric: versatile in application and available in traditional design or with IO-Link

The new MB-RGBW machine lighting (white/colored) and the SB-RGB signal lighting (colored) are especially easy to identify and read thanks to high-performance power LEDs. These devices (IP67) are energy-saving, durable and compliant with workplace standards. They are ready to use right out of the box thanks to pre-installed color sets.
Unique features: The integrated IO-Link function lets you configure light colors freely and easily. Users receive a clear increase in expressive possibilities while at the same time enjoying easier maintenance and decreasing stockkeeping costs.

Whether for visualizing ongoing processes, displaying the current hopper fill level or as a colored indicator telling the machine operator where a certain component is to be placed: di-soric is now featuring two new machine and signal lighting systems in addition to the well-known MB-N/MB-NP LED machine lighting.

The MB-RGBW machine lighting with high light intensity combines the standardcompliant, white light quality of the well-known di-soric lights with the capability to emit additional colored machine status indications using a freely configurable RGB element. The high color rendering quality ensures maximum workplace safety in accordance with DIN EN 12464-1. Typically, in its default state, the device can be integrated quickly even without the use of the IO-Link function. 

Those who do not necessarily need maximum-quality white light may opt for the pure-color, freely-customizable SB-RGB signal lighting: With high-output power LEDs, the full-surface RGB light indicates the status of machines or machine segments in maximum color brilliance and is visible over a long distance. Both types feature a long service life thanks to their intelligent thermal management. 

Both the MB-RGBW machine lighting and the SB-RGB signal lighting display outstanding features when their IO-Link function is used: Any color settings can be freely configured quickly and easily. The lights can be used as continuous, blinking or flashing lights. Custom machine lighting and signaling concepts can be implemented with a virtually infinite number of colors at different levels of brightness. 

The IO-Link makes the maintenance process easier: Central data storage in the IO-Link master makes it possible to replace devices quickly, easily and without programming effort. A single device type for all tasks saves stockkeeping costs. For both types, devices are available in robust, black anodized housings and in lengths of 480 mm, 700 mm and 910 mm (also available in 250 mm length for the SB-RGB). In both cases, an extensive set of accessory components is available.