Press release

Fast, versatile and flexible

New fork light barrier (OGU) from di-soric with IO-Link for intelligent Industry 4.0 system designs

The fork light barriers equipped with the universal IO-Link interface have just hit the market: The sensors from di-soric with fork widths between 10 mm and 250 mm feature simple installation, central parameterization and predictive diagnostics concepts. Not only are they faster, more precise and more capable than their predecessors, but IO-Link allows the fork light barriers to be adapted optimally to the desired application and to handle the requirements for efficient production solutions.

The contamination-resistant fork light barriers in accordance with protection type IP67 can be parameterized either using a switch point adjustment via potentiometer or simply and flexibly via IO-Link. The reliable sensors for interface-independent object detection pick up even the smallest parts with a diameter down to 0.2 millimeters. 

With four selectable sensor modes, the user can put the emphasis on Standard usage (with a high reproducibility of 0.02 mm), Speed (with 8,000 Hz of switching frequency), Power (with increased function reserve) or High Resolution (a resolution improved by 30%). The new OGU fork sensors from di-soric are available in red-light or infrared-light variants. The fields of application they cover include some that were previously reserved solely for laser sensors. 

Thanks to the versatile IO-Link communication interface, the fork light barriers from di-soric have their own intelligence on board: Application-specific requirements are configured via software. The four sensor modes allow a single fork model to cover a wide set of tasks. This reduces the number of models and stockkeeping costs alike. Standardized wiring and plug connections reduce the installation and commissioning times.

Parameterization on the basis of stored recipes makes it possible to exchange batches quickly and to swap devices easily. The intelligent fork sensors allow for predictive diagnostics concepts and guarantee high process stability. The new fork light barriers are used in assembly, handling or packaging technologies or in product feeding