Press release

Vision with farsightedness

New: CS 50 Vision Sensor from di-soric for long ranges

The compact CS 50 Vision Sensor for a wide variety of testing, measurement and inspection tasks is now also available as a long range model. The fast sensor detects at a distance of up to two meters, including details up to 10 mm as well as larger objects, fully in a single image. Using a variable liquid lens, the CS 50 Vision Sensor focuses on objects in the range between 75 mm and 1200 mm with the greatest possible depth of field.

Using a digital click-zoom, the optical 16 mm lens simulates the focal length of a 32 mm lens, wear-free. Its preferred task area: Counting, testing and measuring (on the basis of pixels), primarily in the context of robotics applications and quality inspection tasks. Thanks to its robust optical device as well as intuitive and user-oriented, easy-to-use operational and tool software, the CS 50 Vision Sensor covers standard and special requirements in virtually all industrial areas.
With up to 2,500 test specifications per minute, the Vision Sensor can store a practically unlimited number of jobs.

With its own computing power on board and the capacity for bidirectional communication (CS 50→PLC and PLC→CS 50), the sensor is capable of standardization in highly diverse industrial applications. As the smallest Vision Sensor in the world at present (24.4 x 44.5 x 44.5 mm), it is easy to integrate into existing systems such as Pick & Place applications.

The CS 50 Vision Sensor is equipped with conventional interfaces such as Ethernet/IP, TCP/IP, Profinet, RS232 as well as Digi/IO.