Press release

More light, more perspective

New lighting and visualization tools from di-soric optimize the vision sensor

The CS 50 Vision Sensor is an outstandingly small, fast and cost-effective vision sensor that has been available on the market since last year. It is perfect for countless industrial testing, measurement and inspection tasks at close visual range. di-soric is now offering a high performance ringlight, precisely tailored to the CS 50 Vision Sensor. Using the new VP700 / 1000 Vision Panels from di-soric, users can visualize and monitor processes while consistently ensuring compliance with high quality standards. The entire system is brought together and organized through user-oriented operating software.

The high-performance CS 50 Vision Sensor features both a robust visual system and its own on-board processing power that is able to handle the bulk of standard and special requirements in virtually every industry. The company, based in Urbach, Germany, is expanding the application possibilities of the CS 50 with the HighPower BEK-R33 light and the VP700/1000 Vision Panel. The ringlight is available in infrared, red and white light colors and effortlessly bridges distances of up to one meter. Configuration is intuitive thanks to Plug&Play. 

The integrated and pre-programmed flash controller delivers the maximum pulse current for any situation and guarantees uniform image field illumination—even for high-speed processes. Mechanical and electric adaption to the vision sensoris simple. The new attachment ring light is ready to start in no time at all. di-soric developed the VP700/1000 Vision Panels so that operators can maintain a full overview at all times. These provide a real-time process image while simultaneously monitoring all relevant process data. In fractions of a second, they determine whether the relevant signs of quality lie within specified tolerances. 

The intuitive user interface ensures that all settings can be made with just a few clicks. Sophisticated security architecture ensures that only authorized individuals are allowed to carry out pre-defined interventions and stops any unauthorized modifications to the system. The assignment of permissions and process settings are logged in a way that operators can count on. The Vision Panel is available in German, English, French and 10 other languages.