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High Performance Photoelectric Sensors

The di-soric high performance photocell sensors have been developed in various compact housing models. These sensors guarantee a good performance even at an extreme high degree of contamination.


Chips, dust, flour, oil, dirt water offer no resistance to these through-beam sensors, and thereby these sensors can be used in many applications in the wood and paper industry, control of bulk material, in elevators, for outdoor gate control,

in the food industry and many more fields. The photocells work using red as well as infrared modulated light, ensuring a good immunity to parasitic light influences.

High Performance Photoelectric Sensors
High Performance Photoelectric Sensors - Photo

High performance angled light barriers with contamination indicator/-output

  • Intelligent contamination output
  • with LED
  • Intelligent contamination indicator
  • High functional reserve
  • Listed in the automobile industry
  • Optical axis approachable
  • in x-, y- and z-direction
  • All-purpose mounting
  • Robust metal casing
di-soric Layout