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Iluminación puntual

Spotlights are used as direct light to highlight features of objects to be inspected. di-soric spotlights are available as radial and axial models and can therefore efficiently be integrated into the application specific environment.

Additionally, di-soric spotlights are ideal for matt or quite non - reflective objects, where a huge amount of lights is needed on a relatively small area. Different optics, light colors and technical advantages make the usage in variable conditions possible.

di-soric spotlights are powered with a standard M12-plug and are distinguished by their robust metal housing and high IP protection rating.

Iluminación puntual

Data sheets

Iluminación puntual - Photo

  • Connection by means of M12 standard connector/cable
  • Light intensity adjustable
  • Diverse mounting options
  • Different light colours
  • Robust casing design
di-soric Layout