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The ID-01 is a compact Laser-Scanner and is featured by the highest reading rates in his class. The ID-01 offers a wide field of view with a scan angle of 70°, a ultra compact design and the ability for a flexible implementation.

The laser scanner ID-02 combines flexible connection possibilities with powerful decoding functions and offers the reliable decoding of 1D-barcodes in almost every automation environment. In addition to the metal screw-on connectors and the X-mode technology, the ID-02 is offering IP54 – protection standard and is also equipped with optional
integrated Ethernet protocols.

The ID laser scanner is combining the state-of-the-art barcode technology and the connectivity of readers within a easy solution for the tracking, tracing and controlling of barcodes. Easy to install and to set-up, the reader offers a programmable scan raster to read and decode even damaged or incorrect positioned codes in different distances.

Data sheets

Laser-Scanner - Photo

ID-02 / ID-03

  • Up to 1.400 scans per second
  • Reading distance 25 to 940 mm (ID-02)
  • Reading distance 25 to 762 mm (ID-03)
  • X-Mode technology
  • High protection rating
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