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Image based ID-Reader

di-soric provides fast, reliable reading solutions for all symbologies and OCR. Our products read any linear barcodes or 2D-symbols printed or directly marked.

Linear or 1D-barcodes have been in commercial use since the 1970s and are the most common symbology type used for automatic identifi cation part tracking. Today, increasing numbers of manufacturers are using two-dimensional

(2D-symbols), such as Data Matrix, that offer greater placement flexibility and increased data capacity.

Many industries specify the exact symbologies that must be used, and regulate their quality.
In addition, many manufacturers now practice “cradle to-grave” traceability and permanently mark parts with a machine-readable symbol that is verified at each stage of the manufacturing process. Machine-readable symbols generally fall into the categories of linear barcodes, stacked symbols, 2Dsymbols, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) fonts.

A few examples of each are shown below.


Data sheets

Image based ID-Reader - Photo

ID-06 with liquid lens / C-Mount

  • Up to 60 decodes per second
  • Working distance: 30 mm to infi nity
  • “liquid lens” autofocus & modular zoom
  • C-Mount version
  • Integrated Ethernet network
  • X-mode technology

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