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The reliable way to keep things moving

Our wide-ranging portfolio of dynamic sensors detects your moving parts with absolute reliability and thereby ensures stable processes.

No matter whether you are working with transparent objects, free-falling parts, at high supply speeds, recording direction of movement, detecting belt movements or controlling rejects – our varied shapes and types provide the flexibility and reliability you need.

Fork light barriers OGUTID

The OGUTID automatically detect movement without the PLC-based evaluation usually needed.

Benefits for you:

  • No programming needed and therefore easy to integrate in original equipment and retrofits
  • Very high function reserve and therefore more reliable than conventional fork light barriers if dirtied
  • Highly suited to very small and fast parts thanks to integrated pulse extension – the length of the output pulse can be adapted for the PLC

Ring light barriers ORSD and inductive ring sensors IRD

The ORSD / IRD really prove their capabilities in flows of tiny parts in hoses.

Benefits for you:

  • Reliable detection at very high supply speeds
  • Particularly well suited to flows in hoses and the supply of wires and fibers
  • The IRD sensors detect tiny metallic parts with maximum precision

Frame light barriers OGWSD

The OGWSD is suitable for checking rejections and ideal for flow control.

Benefits for you

  • Reliable detection of free-falling and spinning small parts, drips, and much more
  • Very high function reserve and therefore more reliable than conventional light curtains if dirtied
  • Adjustable pulse extension for very small and fast parts

Motion sensors OBS(R)

The OBS(R) guarantees the feed control by directly detecting belt movement. It therefore optimizes new systems and is a great addition to existing ones.

Benefits for you:  

  • The perfect optimization for new systems and a low-cost addition to existing ones
  • Very high, adjustable speed of detection – detects motion at up to 5m/s, zero contact
  • The unique OBSR also records the direction of movement in an axis and thereby prevents material from slipping back
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