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Through Beam Sensors

di-soric through beam sensors have been developed for the most different applications. Functional highlights like a sturdy housing and a compact design feature these sensors.  Even applications in demanding environmental conditions and also outdoors can be easily solved thanks to the protections class IP 69 K.


Transmitter and receiver are positioned in two separate housings. When interrupting the light beam this will cause a change in the output status of the receiver.

di-soric laser through beams sensors will be applied when having an application in automation, where very tiny objects have to be detected safely, quickly and reliably. Thanks to the use of collimated red light laser, a continuous high accuracy of the switching point can be reached over the entire range between transmitter and receiver.


Through Beam Sensors
Through Beam Sensors - Photo

  • Transmit power adjustable
  • Alignment aid
  • Collimated laser beam
  • Robust casing
  • UL-Approval
di-soric Layout